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A day in the YP10 System

Follow the meal plan + YP10 drops 3 times per day for 30 days


Herbal tea or water + YP10 drops


Balanced lunch + YP10 drops


Balanced dinner + YP10 drops

Customers lose an average of 20-25 lbs per round of 30 days

Maintaining your new weight

After 30 days of losing weight, for the next 6 weeks you will learn:


Proper food portions of the foods you enjoy and still stay lean and satisfied.


The right types of foods that your body needs to keep a fast metabolism.


The frequency you can enjoy your favorite foods and still keep a balanced diet.

Who can use YP10?

"Women and men... no matter age, weight, or stage of life."

  • Lela

    Lela S.

    64 lbs, 3 YP10 rounds

    At 48 years old I can say most of my life I’ve battled my weight and self-confidence because of it. As I’ve aged the weight no longer comes off but very easily gets put on. I’ve completed three rounds of the YP10 program now, the first with my husband in September 2017. Our results were beyond what I had hoped for so I promptly did a second round after the 6 weeks of maintenance and just now ending my third round for a total of 65 pounds gone and 55.25 inches overall. I feel this program has been a huge success for me.

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  • Joyce


    35 lbs, 2 YP10 rounds

    I started thinking about the YP10 Program about 2 years ago. I would always hear it advertised on 93.3 radio station. I could immediately tell the first week of fat burn that my body was reacting differently than before. After the first week I had a lot more energy and was getting more motivated after losing the first 6 pounds. I have lost a total of 35 pounds now with 2 rounds and I feel great.

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  • Jacob


    41 lbs, 1 YP10 rounds

    My wife had been talking about this diet from listening to Jake on 98.7 the bull and one of her coworkers recommending diets to try. We ordered and started the first week of March 2018. The worst part of the diet was the caffeine and detox headaches the first week but they quickly went away and I felt amazing. As the first two week went by, my pants started to fall off literally! I followed the fat loss to a T with my wife and lost 41 pounds on the diet! I loved the planning and the meal prep as I think it brought my wife and I closer.

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  • Erin


    40 lbs, 2 YP10 rounds

    I have struggled with my weight yo-yo-ing for years now, but last year my son was diagnosed with leukemia and my weight spiraled out of control. my parents told me about SlimMe1, since it was the first thing that was finally working for them after years of struggling themselves. The fact that it was a detox system is what made me take a chance on it. I lost 20lbs my first round and finally broke my sugar addiction, which was by the far the greater accomplishment. I just finished my second round of fb and I'm down another 20lbs and over 35inches this time.

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  • Darla


    25 lbs, 1 YP10 rounds

    This program works! I (slowly) lost 13 lbs on my own before starting SlimMe1 at the beginning of October. I then lost 25 lbs in one round, plus a 10-day extension. I am now in maintenance and keeping off the weight. I feel great! Btw, I am 52 years old, and I thought I would never be able to lose the weight. I am so glad I followed this program! Update: I have lost 50 lbs. YP10 gave the tools needed to do this.

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  • Chris


    3 YP10 rounds

    *Transformation pictures of round 1 I don't know how many different things/diets I have tried. some of them worked, most of them didn't because it was hard to follow or required so much work and then sometimes got confusing. I went to the gym, and that didn't really work either. Then I was introduced to Slim Me 1 and the YP10 system. I thought, this will NEVER work. It was explained to me and I was skeptical, because they were claiming the same thing everyone else did. Then they said, there was a maintenance time period to help you keep the weight off. Ok, I'll try it, what do I have to lose except the weight. Well, it worked, not once, but three times, because it's so easy to follow. I tell my friends and family about it, and the way I talk about it they all ask me, ARE YOU A SALESPERSON FOR YP10? No, but I have found something that works and I want everyone to try it so they can feel like I do. I am walking and riding bikes with my son, I have more energy, I feel better because everyone says, "Chris, you look great!!". Thank you YP10.

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  • Cori


    98 lbs, 3 YP10 rounds

    Before being introduced to the slimme1 program I weighed 330 lbs and wore a size 24, I had breathing issues just walking, I woke up every morning with my arms numb and asleep, my blood pressure was high, and my left knee was killing me with pain. remember the dj came across the radio highly recommending the SlimMe1 program and how amazing it worked for him so I researched and decided why not so I ordered round one. I was amazed with all the fad diets I have done in my 25 years I had never seen the results I seen daily with the yp10 drops. My first 31 days I lost 41lbs and was now a size 20. 2nd round I lost 24lbs and was now in a size 16. I am now on round 3 with a week left and I have lost 24lbs in 3 weeks and I am in a ladys 14 no longer plus sizes!!! This program has been a true life saver for me. Before slimme1 I was so lost and restricted from so much.

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  • Ally


    25 lbs, 1 YP10 round

    I was a total skeptic, non-believer after 16 years of failures with other programs. Slim Me 1 was going to be the last attempt at a weight loss program and I was sure I would prove it another disappointment. Instead, I lost 25lbs in only 30 days and I was turned into an absolute believer. It sounded too good to be true, but then I saw real results on the scale in the first week. By the second week, I was already getting noticed. I wasn't just hearing, you look thinner. People were telling me how great my skin was looking. I have to admit I was most shocked by the incredible energy I gained. I went from dragging out of bed in the morning, never able to get enough caffeine to satisfy my lifestyle and too exhausted in the evening to do the "mom" jobs after work to bouncing out of bed happy and motivated.

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  • Ice


    22 lbs, 1 YP10 round

    Story to come soon

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