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Theresa K.

The YP10 program was terrific! If you are looking for a way to quickly loose weight and not feel deprived or hungry, this is the plan for you. The email support is amazing, I would and have recommended this program to friends and family.

Laurie L.

I love how fast I lost the weight on this program. I have recommended this to everyone who wants to detox and lose weight. My sister and niece are currently using the program. I plan on doing a second round after maintenance so I can get own to the weight I was at in high school! I can't wait!!!

Robert S.

Very good experience I've lost weight as much as 40 lbs. It's hard on the Holiday's but easy to get back on track Just remember Water is so good for you I still drink a gallon a day and drink the detox tea I'm doing well and hope to stay that way.

Traci A.

I started my 1st session of the YP10 program in Mar 2015 and just finished my 2nd session this Feb 2016. I have lost a total of 50 pounds and feel that if I can do it, anyone can! If you are truly ready to make a life change then this step by step program can help to make that change. It's easy to follow and they have proven to have an effective weighloss system.

Laurie L.

I love how fast I lost the weight on this program. I have recommended this to everyone who wants to detox and lose weight. My sister and niece are currently using the program. I plan on doing a second round after maintenance so I can get own to the weight I was at in high school! I can't wait!!!

Slimme1 Success Stories

Success Stories

Read about others who have successfully finished the YP10 Program



Lost 34 lbs

Done 2 rounds and have lost 34 lbs.I am so glad I found the YP10 System.



Lost 41 lbs

I loved the YP10 System because of the daily results.I love how fast you start losing weight, and how much better my mobility is now.



Lost 22 lbs

Absolutely love the YP10 Program! I love how it focuses on keeping the weight off after losing.



Lost 12 lbs

My goal was the same as most lose weight.I lost the 'puffiness' in my body.There must be a miracle in this diet because after 3 weeks in I found out I was expecting.



Lost 26.7 lbs

I made it!!! I'm down 26.7 pounds and 41.5 inches. My goal was to lose 20 pounds and I exceeded that! I couldn't be more happy or proud of myself. Cannot wait to start the maintenance phase!!!!



Lost 23 lbs

My main goal was to simply lose weight.After completing the YP10 System, I've gone down 3 pant sizes! I have more energy too.



Lost 29 lbs

I have been 100 pluss lbs overweight for over 25 years.During that time i have tried many diet programs none have worked for me like yp10 has. I have had no side effects.



Lost 40.5 lbs

I started my first round on the day after Mother's Day. I am on day 12 of FB in my second round. I am down 40.5 pounds of my original preload weight.



Lost 15.5 lbs

I'm proud of myself for finding those traits again. Love of self! Health, oh my word where to begin. BP is normal, 110/73.



Lost 18.2 lbs

I totally recommend yp10/slimme1 to anyone who feels that their diet plan is failing them. I've done this before when I got married in 2015, got down to 109 and was thrilled. I did.



Lost 26.4 lbs

I was diagnosed with an eating disorder about 20 years ago. While I still struggle with my relationship with food, this program has given me a 30 day start into becoming someone that I have never been before.



Lost 42 lbs




Lost 21 lbs

Now that I am done with my first round I just feel happier, my ankles aren't swollen anymore. I enjoy Swimming, gardening, and camping with no problems. My energy is through the roof.



Lost 15+ lbs

I have so many things that I love about the program. First, being able to fit in my favorite pants and shorts again (just in time for summer fun) is HUGE. I noticed more clarity of mind and more energy while I was on the program.



Lost 18 lbs




38 lbs lost



23 lbs lost

After having two children, I lost focus on eating healthy. I was eat quick meals that were poor quality.


23 lbs lost

My journey with YP 10 started with listening to my local country radio station, and DJ my Mike Tyler talking about his own journey, wrth VP 10.


19 lbs lost

I can't say enough about this pogram. It is the only one that has finally worked for me. So here it goes...I started at 159 and within 30 days i was down to 140.


17 lbs lost

I have struggled with my weight for the last 15 years.


19.2 lbs lost

I was 145lbs before started using Slimme1, and am now at 125.8. I first heard of Slimme1 on the radio, so my husband bought it for me as birthday present.


103 lost in 4 sessions

This program offered me a way out and I took it. I jumped in with both feet and gave it 100% of everything I had and within 18 months I lost 103 pounds.


31 lbs lost

I would first like to thank the company of SlimMe1 for designing this programs. And this YP10 program fulfilled my wildest dreams.



Over 100 lbs lost!

Hi my name is Mindy and I am a success story for YP10 by SlimMe1. I started my first round on November 3, 2014. That first round I lost 38 pounds! I have since done a few rounds and have lost well over 100 pounds.


Big Mic

37.5 lbs lost

Big Mic from KS107.5 started his YP10 journey this year. 



20 lbs lost



42.2 lbs lost

 Starting the SlimMe1 program at 305.2 lbs I decided I really wanted to drop as much as I could in one round so I chose to do a 40 day round on your SlimMe1 program.



22.3 lbs lost

What a great program! I wasn't hungry, felt great, and the weight loss was wonderful.



15.2 lbs lost




17.4 lbs lost



20 lbs lost

Then I tried the YP10 Program. And honestly, I went into it with the same mentality as every other plan. Except this time, my results were startling. And stunning.