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Y94 Zee Ro Weight Loss Spot Light


Lose 18 Pounds in 30 days AND Keep It Off

DJ Zee Ro from the Morning Show Playhouse on Y94 did just that.  In April 2012, Zee Ro was introduced to the SlimMe1 Weight Loss program.  He had been at the gym working out 2 hours a day and still had significant weight that just wasn't coming off.  He did the SlimMe1 Weight Loss Program and has this to say about that experience.  Enter the contest by reading through this page.



DJ Amy Ryan from Portland, ME had this to say about her weight loss program.  See how she has changed losing 75 pounds and more.  Enter the contest by reading through this page.





Regarless of your weight circumstances, the SlimMe1 Weight Loss program may be ideal for you.  What's the saying about eating an elephant? one bite at a time.  Well that's how the YP10 Weight Loss System works for taking weight off.  Whether you're taking it off in 15, 18, 25, 30 or more 30 pound chunks, you can reduce your elephant to the weight you want to be.   Read about the YP10 Weight Loss System by clicking here.  Check out the Detox Tea too!