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CURB Your Appetite Drops


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 Curb will help you naturally curb your appetite while boosting your energy levels.

This product can be used with the YP10 Weight Loss System to provide additional appetite control at all phases and even after the diet.  Amy Ryan, has lost over 100 pounds on the YP10 Weight Loss System, she is doing her last round of the diet.  She says that Curb and UP B12 are amazing and two "tools" that she intends to use even after the diet.  She likes the effect!  After the YP10 Weight Loss Diet, your body will have lost its cravings for sugar and you most likely will be off of caffeine.  Continue the trend of staying healthy by using Curb and Up B12 to help with extra energy if you need the appetite control and improved energy levels.

Not doing the YP10 Weight loss system? But still want the added support, we do recommend it's use with any weight loss system along with our detox tea. Use Detox Tea and Curb on a low carb program to help increase results with any weight loss system.  

Curb Your Appetite is a great way to suppress your appetite and get an energy boost whether you're on the YP10 Diet, during maintenance, or after the diet.  It's also great for any other diet to help suppress appetite and improve energy.  

Curb Your Appetite is a fast acting appetite suppressant, reduces appetite with a few drops and has a built in energy boost. 10 drops under the tongue 30 minutes before you eat or at any time during the day can assist you in having more control of your eating habits and serving size. Also you can take 10 drops in between your meals if needed. All natural and sweet to the taste.    You will receive a 2oz bottle.

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  1. It really works

    Posted by LeaAnne Cameron on 07-31-2013 0541

    It really works. I had forgotten to take with me on a weekend away, and I really could tell the difference.

  2. I have no hunger pains at all and Curb helps keep it that way!

    Posted by Gottaloseit on 01-02-2013 0823

    Love these drops. Make it much easier to stay on the plan.

  3. Also worth a try

    Posted by Arnie O on 10-16-2012 1323

    I didn't have this product during round one so I can definitely tell the difference during this round. Definitely worth the extra money IMO.

  4. Not Crazy About It

    Posted by Joyce on 06-14-2012 2020

    I didn't think this worked as well as I thought it might. Not anywhere as close to curbing your appetite as the Slim Me 1 product. Probably will not buy again.

    Note from SlimMe1: Curb Your Appetite and the YP10 Diet program are 2 completely different products that work much differently. When you're on the YP10 diet, you won't have sugar which is highly addictive as well as "other ingredients" that are active in addicting you to their products. So while Curb is 10 times more powerful as an appetite suppressant, it does have a lot to overcome when you're back to eating real world processed foods. Curb is also not a substitution for the YP10 drops. It does hep suppress appetite for many people.

  5. curb appeal

    Posted by Unknown on 05-30-2012 1230

    I really like this product it works well to keep you from over doing it in between the regular slimme 1 product. I did like it better last year before you put the grape flavoring in it. Im not crazy about the taste now.


    Posted by Amy Ryan on 04-30-2012 1321

    I tried this for the first time, and I didnt even have a need to even eat most days! Yes, it's that good! when you have alot of weight to lose, and on a low calorie diet, you are always trying to find something to help, and this is what I found! I am addicted to this stuff!!!

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