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Detox Tea


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YP10's Perfect Companion

This cleansing tea is great when used in conjunction with the diet.  It tastes great and contributes to faster weight loss while it cleanses your digestive system allowing your body to detox during your program. Drinking the Detox Tea regularly often results in a reduction in the amount of stored fat in the body and a significant reduction in the size of the abdomen or belly.

Most customers who purchase Detox Tea continue to purchase long after their 30-Day YP10 Program as the experience the benefits of this amazing delicious tea!

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Package includes 30-Day Supply  (8 tea bags - 2 tea bags make 1 gallon for 7 days use)
For best results take two 8 oz servings per day
The tea is concentrated. For best results follow package directions. 

*Not for use during pregnancy or nursing.

Detox Tea is one of our favorite products, as well as many of our customers, simply because it works!

"Over the past 20 years, thousands of people have taken Detox Tea to cleanse their colon, detox their body, and lose weight. Thousands have achieved beneficial results and hundreds have given glowing testimonials. You would think people wouldn't want to talk about their colon and the nasty stuff stuck inside... but they do! Especially when they soon see how they are getting rid of it! This is a life-changing product that no one has to 'sell' ...they just have to 'tell'." J, TN

“I thought it was normal to only go twice a week. I know better now. Constipation carries harsh health consequences. I searched for over 25 years to find a product that was very effective, easy to use and without the normal side-effects associated with detoxing. I FINALLY FOUND IT! Detox Tea has changed my life. It has helped me with weight loss, candida, sugar cravings, allergies, migraines, fatigue and constipation is completely gone! My whole family enjoys the benefits. I love my new life.” L, AZ

“Not only did the Tea make me look years younger, I feel years younger too, and have more energy than ever. I tell everyone this is a 'must have' product. Also, I lost 60 pounds last year!" S, AK

"I no longer need to take Nexium, and my Acid Reflux is totally cleared up. I dropped from 240 to 185 lbs., and even though I smoke 2 packs of cigarettes a day the doctor said he could not believe how clear my lungs are, as if I did not smoke. The Tea is the best health product I have ever taken!" W, MN

“I won't miss a day without drinking my tea. I used to have terrible knife-like sharp pains in my stomach from the Crohn's and IBS, and a great deal of discomfort from the acid reflux. Detox Tea has cleared all of this up, and I lost almost 30 pounds as well. My husband lost more weight than I did. I swear by the tea and would not be without it." H, TN

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  1. I like the tea

    Posted by Bonnie Ginman on 08-31-2013 1726

    I have been drinking the tea for 1 week and I do like it, I made it iced and have replaced my morning coffee with it and in the evening. I believe it is helping with my weight loss

  2. What a feeling

    Posted by Karen Libby on 08-14-2013 0440

    This tea is amazing. It cleanses your body of all toxins and is a great compliment to the YP10 diet. When I am not on the diet I purchase the tea anyway and I know it keeps me healthy and feeling great. I highly recommend it anyone.

  3. Will continue to use

    Posted by LeaAnne Cameron on 07-31-2013 0547

    The Detox tea really helps keep things moving. I will continue to use the Tea on a regular basis. I am trying to convince my husband to try it even though he did not do the program.

  4. Taste good and ok results

    Posted by Unknown on 07-30-2013 1153

    First 3 days perfect after that back to the status quo and I took it faithfully as described.

  5. Buy it!

    Posted by Tara on 07-19-2013 0835

    I was skeptical about the detox tea so didn't buy it right away. Mistake! Should have bought it at the beginning. I finally started to drop pounds when I began using the detox tea. I was surprised at how mild the flavor was, thankfully!

  6. Tasty tea but no results yet

    Posted by Karen on 07-01-2013 0833

    I have been drinking the detox tea for about 2 weeks now, but haven't seen any results. I will continue with the tea until it's gone and see what it does.

  7. Detox Tea WORKS!

    Posted by Ann on 06-17-2013 1203

    Started the Dexton Tea on day 6. Not fond of the taste - but very excited with the results!

  8. Get the TEA get the TEA!!!

    Posted by Jackie on 05-30-2013 1601

    The tea is amazing! In the past I have struggled with the digestive part of starting a new program but Not with the Detox Tea! It's amazing - it has helped flush my system and keep things moving smoothly! One pitcher lasts the whole week and it tastes great! !

  9. Great boost to loosing weight

    Posted by Brenda S on 05-25-2013 1108

    The tea is really helpful to keep me continuing on loosing 1 lbs a day. When I see a slow down in my weight loss to 1/2 lbs I brew some tea and go right back to 1 lbs a day. Keeps frustration at bay!

  10. Love the Detox Tea!

    Posted by Tim and Deanna on 05-21-2013 0623

    My husband and I are into the second week of this program and have been thrilled with the results so far (we are both down 13+ lbs.) We purchased the Detox Tea when we bought the program because of the encouragement from our local Christian radio personality (who did the program as well). We love it. It has helped with some of the "digestive" issues that seem to be prevalent during the detox time. When I opened the package, and saw the tiny little bags of tea (that were pretty expensive!), I was a bit disappointed. I guess I expected a larger container! But, the tea makes a huge amount and you only use small servings a couple of times a day, so we have barely tapped in to our supply. So far, it's been a good value! I would highly recommend the purchase at the start...don't wait until you need it to get it!!!

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