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Have Fun Sharing YOUR True Weight Loss Story:


Hi, Welcome to the SlimMe1 Family!  Share your real story with your friends. Help them and yourself!

Many people call us and tell us they are getting comments within the first 2 weeks of being on the YP10 Weight Loss System.  And they want to know more.  They then share their promo code with their friends.  What!!! You  don't have a promo code?  Just call and request one or request one sending an e-mail to 

Would you like to help your friends and yourself? 

When your friends ask you about the change, just tell them you're on the YP10 diet system and share your promo code "like ZZZ002".  You can send it to friends and family by e-mail, post it on facebook, tweet it, blog it.  For them to get the discount and you to get the reward, the person has to use use the code online when they check out.  Our system will automatically track the sale. 

They'll get a discount!  And you'll get $30 off your next purchase (once you request to apply the discount) from the SlimMe1 online store. 

Would you like a chance to win $100? 

Send us your weight loss story along with before and after pictures.  Tell us how you like our products and we'll enter you in our drawing.   Send entries along with your before and after digital pictures to


Craig Stephens
MyStory Marketing Coordinator



Note: all submissions to are the property of SlimMe1 LLC.  Pictures and story must be authentic and real pictures of the submitter.  Submitting your story and pictures acts as your signature and permission to use them for our marketing purposes. 


No purchase necessary to enter. If you haven't used our products.  Enter a real weight loss story of your own with before and after pictures, e-mail it to the above address, put in the subject line: Entry for Weight loss NOT SlimMe1, attach your pictures, and enter your story in English of at least 400 words describing your experience.