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YP10 Story Maine

Aug 2010:  NJP from Maine Loses 20 pounds in 30 days using YP10 and Detox Tea


Dear Craig, Becky and Kevin,

    I wanted to take a few minutes to write to you about my success on YP10 diet. Every week day I drive into work with Frank Fm 107.5 from Portland Maine playing on the radio and listened to Heidi Knight talking about YP10 diet and her success, also the success of her co-workers and friends.  I listened intently because I am a person that is bigger then I want to be.

   I went to a softball game of the team I played on last year of friends from work with my husband. He took pictures of me with a child of one of the players. I kinda keep an eye on him while his parents play the softball game..........

   One picture that my husband took was of me sideways looking down and talking with the child........when I was going through the pictures that evening on the computer I got to that picture and I was upset......... That was me in that the biggest I have been in my life............... I was so mad at myself that right then is when I made up my mind that I was going to do something................RIGHT NOW!!!

     So I wrote an email to Heidi and asked a lot of questions.. She was very nice and candid...she also told me to contact   Heidi told me of her different diets, successful and not so successful..  It was basically my story too...she convinced me that the YP10 was right for me because I wanted to lose weight now, fast, and lots of it..............

    I decided to take the plunge with YP10 and the detox tea, I figured why not, I had tried everything else, Heidi had done well, she was someone I listened
to every morning on my way to work and I trusted her...........

   SO that weekend I decided I am not going to back out of this, I am going to do this right now before I change my mind because once I commit to spending
this money I know I will stick to this diet.......

   I went online and checked out the link that Heidi had sent me to look at.....    I called and I reached Craig, I honestly was expecting an answering machine,
because it was the weekend but I got Craig.......he convinced me also thatI had made the right choice........

   I went through the first 26 days and I lost 18 1/2 lbs, I was excited........... fast results just like Heidi promised me.................I also drank the detox tea and I noticed that my allergies had let up so much that they were almost completely gone....I had been having headaches, sneezing all the time... but while I was drinking the tea I wasn't sneezing much and I had no headaches... as well as was helping with my colon cleansing...........

   At 30 days I was at 20 lbs lost...........I was even more excited............  I was hungry only the first few days then it seemed like I was full easier and hungry a lot less..........     I did the maintenance for 6 weeks and stayed within 3 lbs of my total lost lbs.

    I am just now starting on round # 2 of the weight loss diet plan and I am looking forward to seeing how much I lose this time....
   Wish me luck.............
   Thank you all for changing my life for the better and helping me be a more healthy me!!
   Sincerely, Norma J P, Richmond, Maine


Dec 2010 - Becky from Maine loses 34 pounds total.  Look at the difference.



Hey Becky (SlimMe1)!
Happy Holidays!  I hope you have a wonderful x-mas and happy healthy New Year!  I am doing great.  Into my 6th week now of maintenance and the maintenance part went awesome.  I am eating healthier and choosing what I eat in a better way even with all the x-mas parties!  I have lost a total of 27 pounds total since I started the YP10.  Lost another 7 pounds since the 28 day part but not really trying.  I just don't eat what I used to and my body is responding.  My pants are falling off me.  I need to buy new clothes!  But it is awesome to be able to just put on clothes now and feel great!  It has been a long time since I've weighed 134 pounds!  Many years.  I've attached a couple of pictures.  One the day I started the YP10 which isn't a great picture but you get the idea of where I carried my weight.  The second picture is recently with my husband.  I feel great now having my picture taken!
Anyway we are off today to NYC for the weekend to see a x-mas show and all the holiday decorations in NYC.  Can't wait.
I am so happy I did it!  It really worked for me on this diet and it has changed my whole holiday season being smaller and healthier!    Have a great holiday yourself and I'll be in touch to check out that skin treatment! :)

Have a Merry Christmas and thank you so much for all your guidance during this weight loss program.

Becky from Maine


Jan 6, 2011:  Carol lost 32 lbs in 30 days

When I reached the weight I was when I was 9 months pregnant I decided that was far enough. I had been listening to Dave and Michelle on 99.9 the wolf radio station out of Portland Maine  and thought the diet sounded to good to be true. I knew I could do it for 30 days no sweat. I also quit smoking ( cold turkey, no patches or drugs) after 35 years, the previous year. If I could do that I knew I could do this. I lost 32 lbs in 30 days. I was never hungry, just missed the habit of eating whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. I did the maintenance portion for only a week but did change my eating habits. Here I am, 6 months later, and never gained a pound back. I have to confess, I did snack and eat naughty things but still never gained an ounce back. Now I am going for round two and want to lose another 15-20 pounds. Does slimme 1 have a fund for new clothes? Tee hee. I have already replaced my wardrobe once and hope to have to do it again real soon.

One of the exciting things about this is that I motivated 5 other women to diet as well.

Happier than ever,
Carole B from Maine

Note from SlimMe1: we hope to have pictures to post soon.