When you say you're ready for change, we believe you!

When you say you're ready for change, we believe you!

You are stronger than your struggle. You’ve conquered mountains before.

You want to give your friends and family the happy, fulfilled, inspired version of you.

And that path to new choices begins here at REDEFINE.

We support you.

RE:DEFINE is on a Mission. . .
With a passion for humanity, great courage and unconditional love, we provide loyal mentoring, abundant learning opportunities, and incredible products that nourish and nurture the mind, body and spirit supporting individuals to discover their amazingness while mastering practical healthy lifestyle skills. And we have an absolute blast doing it!

Are you ready to Discover YOUR truth?

to struggle with food.

The shame and guilt is too heavy of a burden to carry! Food was meant to be enjoyed! mind, body, and spirit!

  • Learn to take away the power that food has over you and finally have the willpower to say no on weekends when everyone just wants to eat fast foods.
  • No more “cheat” days. You’ll find balance within all food groups.
  • Fall in love with putting your body and your health first.
  • Lose weight and learn how to keep it off without crazy restrictions.
  • Learn how to show up for yourself when you don’t want to keep going.
  • Learn to eat when you are truly hungry and stop when you are satisfied. No more overeating!
  • Make weight loss simple by following a step-by-step plan.

3 Steps to ULTIMATE Success


Step 1: JOIN our 90-Day
Transformation Challenge

Achieve a TOTAL TRANSFORMATION! Reach a whole new level Health and Happiness by re:Awakening Mind, Body, and Spirit in perfect harmony.


Step 2: SELECT the Best System for your Goals

Each re:lease System can be CUSTOMIZED to for YOU! Achieve incredible Results EASIER and FASTER than ever before with our Proven System.

Step 3: BEGIN Your Transformation Journey

Get INSTANT ACCESS to the Challenge Orientation Videos for a solid START!  Access our Resource Library, and Meet our re:Define Coaches and Community.