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We highly recommend the Ultimate System!  Each Supplement included in the Ultimate System supports a specific function of your body.  This is important for daily optimal health, but even more important as you body focuses on rapid weight loss and cleansing of stored toxins.  By choosing the Ultimate System, you’ll also have the best natural defense against cravings, stress, and low energy.  Consider the answers you just provided previously as you make the best choice for your unique needs.  

YP10 Ultimate System

Complete YP10 System Program Guide
Detailed instructions for the re:Lease Program.  Also includes Fat Burning Recipes, the Daily Tracking Journal and Maintenance Recipes.

YP10 Drops All Natural vibrational formula to support healthy detox and rapid fat burn safely and effectively.
Multi-Vitamin & MInerals Provides essential nutrients to compensate for dietary depletion along with plant based enzymes supporting proper digestion and metabolic function.
Adrenal Drops Beneficial in reducing physical symptoms of stress and mental fatigue. Feel mentally uplifted and serene as you commit to re:Defining your life.

Boost Drops
Vitamin B12 Drops naturally increase energy and improve immune system.

Herbal Detox Tea Naturally strengthen Liver and Kidney function; support a healthy gut and cleansing of digestive tract without stimulants of any kind.

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