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How does RE:DEFINE help you reach your health & weight loss goals?

Personalized Support

Get one-on-one guidance from a ReDefine Certified Coach ready to support you in reaching your goals. Join our Private Facebook Groups for added peer support!

Clean Eating Meal Plans

The ReLease Meal Plan offers a clean variety of lean proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables. After the ReLease, you’ll actually continue to crave clean foods making maintaining health much easier! We also teach how to eat healthy on the go! On or off the ReLease program, knowing how to eat clean on the go is essential!

Simple Recipes & Cooking Classes

Delicious Recipes are provided with the ReDefine Program as well as access to fun cooking classes. Classes are in our online Video Library. You’ll NEVER be at a loss for GREAT meal ideas and recipes!

Nutritional Support

All Natural, Stimulant Free supplements support proper digestion and absorption of necessary nutrients necessary for healthy energy and organ function. Experience optimal vitality!

Healthy Lifestyle Support

With the ReDefine experience you’ll immediately recognize how your body responds to certain foods. With our easy to use tools, you’ll be able to choose your long term Health Plan to fit your desired lifestyle. Additionally, we’ll keep you fully up to date with the BEST health products for busy hectic lifestyles!

Long Term Results

BEST PART of RE:DEFINE! Our ReLease Program actually releases abnormally stored fat completely reshaping and transforming your body and metabolism. Once you’ve completed the RE:DEFINE System, you’ll totally be capable of easily maintaining your new body!