98 lbs, 3 rounds, Basic System

Before being introduced to the SlimMe1 program I weighed 330 lbs and wore a size 24, I had breathing issues just walking, I woke up every morning with my arms numb and asleep, my blood pressure was high, and my left knee was killing me with pain. My last straw however was when my blood work came back and I was in the zone for pre diabetes. I remember the dj came across the radio highly recommending the SlimMe1 program and how amazing it worked for him so I researched and decided why not so I ordered round one. I was amazed with all the fad diets I have done in my 25 years I had never seen the results I seen daily with the yp10 drops.

My first 31 days I lost 41lbs and was now a size 20. I could already feel a huge difference in my breathing as I walked and my arms were no longer numb and asleep when I woke in the morning. I went onto round 2 8 weeks after finishing round one. This round I lost 24lbs and was now in a size 16. I had my blood work checked at the end of round 2 and got great news all my levels were perfect and I was no longer in danger of diabetes. My knee pain is 80 percent better and my energy is through the roof. I am now on round 3 with a week left and I have lost 24lbs in 3 weeks and I am in a ladies 14 no longer plus sizes!!! This program has been a true life saver for me. Before SlimMe1 I was so lost and restricted from so much. This last summer I went to the water slides for the first time in 20 years. I have found my confidence I lost 20 years ago thanks to SlimMe1.