45 lbs, 1 round, Ultimate System

So this isn’t easy to do, but I have put a photo of me before and after my weight loss journey with SlimMe1. As you can see in the before photo…not a very happy person. I had ordered the program and had it just waiting to start on a Saturday. The Tuesday before I started the program I had a person I know who hadn’t seen me in a while tell me “I had really gotten fat.” I was going to make this work so I didn’t hear that ever again. I started the program at 232 lbs which was by far and all-time high for weight with me. I decided to do the 10 day extended fat burn and after 40 days I was very happy to be down 45 lbs and down to a weight of 187! I lost 6.5 inches off my waistline as well!

One of the best results has been me no longer needing to take Prilosec for my heartburn. I had been taking Prilosec everyday for years and once I got into the program I didn’t need it any longer because I wasn’t getting heartburn. It was hard work and requires a huge amount of will power, but if you are dedicated and work at it the weight will come off. I am definitely proof of that. I am close to my ultimate goal of 180 lbs now and am going to continue to work to get to that. If you are on the fence about trying it and don’t think it works, it works! Just look at my results.