40 lbs, 2 rounds, Foundation System

I have struggled with my weight yo-yo-ing for years now, but last year my 4yr old was diagnosed with leukemia and my weight spiraled out of control. Although he’s responding to treatments well, it has been stressful. Between comfort eating, and the convenience of fast food between the multitude of appts, I reached my biggest size ever. When our family moved the end of last year to a new state, I chose to start my weight loss journey…. again. I lost some weight on my own, but my sugar addiction was out of control. Then I was told about SlimMe1 and how it was also a detox system that could help break my cravings.

I ordered the foundation system and lost 20lbs my first round with a 5 day extension, breaking my sugar addiction in the process! I did a second round of fb, using the same system and a 7 day extension, and lost another 20lbs and over 35inches that time! I’ve finally gaining some confidence back, I’m feeling healthier, and have learned so much thru this journey. The 1st pic is 40lbs ago, on day 1 of the first round. The 2nd is me after completing maintenance on the 2nd round. It wasn’t an easy process and I’ll always need to work at keeping the weight off, but now I have the tools because this system was more than a diet. It’s taught me a lot about my body, my health, and helped me gain my life back. Thank you SlimMe1!