lbs, 1 round, Ultimate System

Ever since I got out of high school I have been overweight. It got out of hand as we had our children and I started to feel everything catching up to me. I couldn’t tie my shoes without getting light headed, clothes were getting tighter, pants started shrinking, I waddled everywhere! I didn’t fully realize how bad the problem had gotten until I got out of the national guard and sitting at 225! I was depressed, always griping and complaining, making excuses as to why I am the way I was. Three years passed, I thought I was doing better and losing, but I actually gained another 21 pounds. Finally, after stepping on the scale at the heart attack grill in Las Vegas during my work training, did my eyes open to just how bad of shape I was in. My wife had been talking about this diet from listening to Jake on 98.7 the bull and one of her coworkers recommending diets to try. We ordered and started the first week of March 2018. The worst part of the diet was the caffeine and detox headaches the first week but they quickly went away and I felt amazing. As the first two week went by, my pants started to fall off literally! I followed the fat loss to a T with my wife and lost 41 pounds on the diet! I loved the planning and the meal prep as I think it brought my wife and I closer.

I went into maintenance and maintained 205 through the month and decided to rejoin a gym since work paid for it. I have been lifting heavy and throwing in cardio ever since and have dropped another 20 pounds! This system is amazing and I am thankful for it. It has changed how I intake foods, has made me conscious of what I am eating, and the importance of drinking plenty of water! I am able to keep up with my family, go to the gym and workout 1-2 times a day and still have the energy and drive to do things around the house. I am looking forward to the future and training hard for highland games, Obstacle Course Races and powerlifting events! I would probably still be the same me if I didn’t try this system and seen the results like I did that first round! Thank you Slimme1 for an absolutely amazing product and helping me regain confidence and self esteem back! I have had so many ask about what I have done to lose the weight and every time I have sent them to the site.