51 lbs, 2 rounds, Basic System

My name is Lynn. I heard about Slimme1 program thru the radio DJ in Mn. I thought yeah right you can lose weight like that in a month ?? So I went on the web site and read about the program, read about real people who went on the program. Thought ok I am going to try this. I am the kind of person that needs to see things happen fast. I ordered the everything I needed to start, set my date, set my mind to do this program. I was totally amazed in the 1st week of losing so fast. My first round I lost 32 pounds plus 5 from loading. I felt amazing and confident again. Bought some smaller clothes instead of hiding my weight behind larger clothes.

In round 2, I just went 15 days and lost 14 pounds and 4 pounds loading. This program is the best investment I have made, to help me become healthy and feel the best I can be.I have been on diets most my life. Only to gain more weight back. This one has taught me to eat better, gave up caffeine, and make better choices when eating out also. This is a new life style for me. During the maintence weeks I have even lost a few more pounds because of eating healthier.