lbs, 2 rounds, Basic System

Starting the Slim Me 1 program, tested my will power and strength. I was determined to make this work, so my mind was made up. I saw myself in a picture from May 2017 and was thoroughly disgusted in how I looked, I couldn’t believe it was me. I did my 1st round in the summer and was 90% strict, cutting sugars, which was my daily food intake for years and gas station coffee left me with incredible withdrawals for the first 6 to 8 days. I was very fatigued but pushed through. The 2nd week was getting better and by the 4th week, seeing my loss on the scale and in my clothes, I knew for me, I had made the right decision. I lost 21 lbs my first round. I did my 2nd round 6 weeks later, I was 70% strict and lost 11lbs, with a total loss in the 2 rounds of 32lbs.

The best part, I went down 5 pant sizes!!! I didn’t measure myself so I am unsure of exact inches lost, but I would recommend you to do this. my first round put i was 98% strict. I feel so much better, my self esteem is improved, and mostly I have learned to eat correctly. I have recommended this diet to my friends, which a handful have purchased. I feel and look so much better and I have decreased my intake of heart burn meds. I would recommend this diet to anyone, but you need to be aware this isn’t easy at first, with the detoxing, the withdrawals, the temptations…but you need to look outside of the box and see the positive that will come out of this. Good Luck and can’t wait to follow each of your successes.