12 lbs, 1 round, Basic System

My goal was the same as most lose weight. But I also needed a jump-start to get healthy. Obesity, diabetes and heart conditions all run in my family. When I did my last blood draw my triglycerides were high. That was a sign for me that I needed to get healthy for not only myself, from my family too. After finishing this first round, I feel more confident about myself. This diet is simply the best I have ever done. And I’ve done my fair share of diets. I lost the ‘puffiness’ in my body. Lots of middle section weight and extra fat in my face. I thoroughly enjoyed the Facebook page and how encouraging everyone was.

The page is so supportive and if you ever needed anything, you had a group of people going through the same things as you at your fingertips. You don’t find this type of support with other diets. This diet/challenge was exactly what I needed to get my life back on track. After miscarrying a little over a year ago, I had put on nearly 30 extra pounds. I needed to stop feeling sorry for myself and move past it. Getting my body back to some normalcy was a step in the right direction. And I must say, there must be a miracle in this diet because after 3 weeks in I found out I was expecting.