Big Mic

37.5 lbs, 1 round, Ultimate System

Big Mic from KS107.5 started his YP10 journey this year. When he first heard of our YP10 Program, he wasn’t sure if this was for him. This is what he told us about his experience with our YP10 Weight Loss System: “Before starting the YP10 System by SlimMe1, I don’t know if I doubted the claims of the system more, or if I doubted myself more in my ability to maintain my will power to push through on the system and not fall off. But after the first week and quickly watching the pounds melt off of me day after day and finding that my spurts of hunger that plagued me through my day quickly disappeared and finding myself fulfilled after my meals my doubts quickly disappeared (along with my waist line!)

When I found my jeans falling down at work and had to go find a drill to drill some extra holes in my belt so that I could get through the day was quite an experience. Another unexpected side effect was a new found energy! Prior to this system I would find myself dragging through the day as if I had weights holding down my eyelids, now I find myself waking up before my alarm clock even goes off and by the end of the work day I want to go for a walk. Having lost 37.5 lbs in 30 days and seeing the before and after pictures has truly made me a believer in the YP10 System by SlimMe1 and have already gotten several of my friend and social media followers to join and look forward to seeing where the rest of the Summer takes me!”