42.2 lbs, 1 round, Ultimate System

I just wanted to share my story with you as a way of saying thank you for such a great program. New Years Day 2016 I was Sitting at 330.4 lbs. Leading up to this point I knew I was overweight, you would that that with a bought with kidney cancer would be enough to make me stop eating rubbish food. But is wasn’t. What motivated me was watching a program on YouTube that said the children of today are the first generation expected to live shorter lives than their parents. That was when I made a resolve to set an example to my kids buy dropping 50 lbs in 2016. I started out by eliminating Milk and Bread from my diet and where possible eat whole foods. You know foods that are not prepared before I buy them. From January to late May I lost a total of 30 lbs just doing that. BUT ! It wasn’t until my sister introduced me to the SlimMe1 program that my weight really dropped and it dropped fast!

Starting the SlimMe1 program at 305.2 lbs I decided I really wanted to drop as much as I could in one round so I chose to do a 40 day round on your SlimMe1 program. I also used the Ultimate kit that comes with the YP10 drops, Detox Tea, and all those support supplements. I found your program is easy to follow, and I never felt hungry, something I thought would be the case. Well here I am at the end of my first round of the SlimMe1 program 42.2 lbs less at a new weight of 263 lbs a weight I had not seen for over 16 years. Some side effects of your program that I don’t remember being told about are, more energy, clear minded, heighten senses, I can smell and taste food better, I sleep better, and feel more confident. I had to rethink my new years resolution because it was so easy to achieve. Now my goal is to be 200 lbs by New Years Eve 2016… Be ready to toast this event because SlimMe1 is going to help me do it.