36 lbs, 2 rounds, Ultimate System

Hi, my name is Jennifer. I am 46 years old. I am a Superior Court Judicial Proceeding Specialist Clerk. I am the one who sits next to the Judge. When I am not in Court, I am at my desk in the office. I am always sitting with very little activity while I am on the clock. I will submit several photos. One photo is prior to gaining weight, two are prior to my first round of YP-10, two are after my first round and two are after this final third round. Prior to marriage, I was a single mother who worked in a factor. I was on the go and on my feet all day long. I had an addiction, working out and staying fit. In 2005, I was diagnosed with cervical cancer and ended up having a full hysterectomy. I still remained to stay I shape for several years. I had confidence and I felt good about my self inside and out. In 2007, I met the man of my dreams. We married in 2009. After marriage, things began to slowly change. I was spending less and less time at the gym. We were a pretty active couple in the beginning few years. My husband is in a band, so there were lots of private parties, weddings and gigs at the bars. We enjoyed camping and hiking. We started off with quads and then switched to street bikes. Over time, we began to do less and less of theses things we so much enjoyed. I had a previous knee injury and in 2012, I completely tore my ACL in half and ended up having surgery to replace the torn ligament. This is when it really went down hill. I pretty much stopped going to the gym all together. I began to put on the weight. I had put on approximately 53lbs. The weight I gained made me have no self confidence, I often felt ashamed for the way I looked. Cloths did not fit or I was always trying to find tops that were of a certain style to hide my mid sections. The weight also put a romantic strain on my marriage. I no longer felt sexy and did not know how to show my husband the attention he deserved. This was my biggest reason for wanting to make a change. I wanted to feel confident, I no longer wanted to hide. I was afraid that my insecurities would ruin my marriage. I returned to the gym and tried to drink a different program’s protein shakes. However, I was not seeing results and would give up. I heard an advertisement on the morning radio station about one of our local community members (and DJ), that he has lost over 30 lbs in just 30 days. I heard that same advertisement day after day about how the DJ was doing. I went to SlimMe1 website several times before deciding that this was what I was going to try.

I was determined to turn this situation around and be healthy again. As you can see, I had a favorite a top. To hid my mid section. My first round was a success. I was focused and determined that I would give this program my all. I would not cheat in any way. I found the fatburn phase to be a little challenging. The first week I was not doing too much meal prep, which made it seem like all I was doing was coming home from work and rushing to cook my dinner and then my lunch for the next day. I learned real quick that preparing some favorite things and freezing them, made my life a whole lot easier. I am not much on combined recipes. I prefer to have my protein and my vegetables separate. Kind of like a meat and potatoes girl. During my first round I lost a total of 22lbs. I went from wearing a size 10/12 to wearing and 8 and sometimes a 6. During maintenance, I learned that certain foods only made me feel bloated. I have more energy when I am eating a cleaner. I wake up with confidence and feel good about putting my NEW cloths on. Not to mention all the compliments from my co-workers. Due to my success, there have been three (3) co-workers who have joined the YP-10 program. I knew I was not done. I still had a little more weight I wanted/needed to loose. I choose to do a second round. However, I do not have a story to tell with this one. I let life get in the way and did not stay focused. I also did not let myself stay positive. Picking the right time to do the program is extremely important. For this round, I did not choose a time where I could stay focused. Now I am in maintenance round three (3). I am more focused. I am positive and I know that I will be successful. I am back to enjoying my property, hiking down to the creek, and overall my garden is extremely loved this year. I have lost a total of 36lbs. I will continue on this healthy and clean living. I purchased a 90-day work out routine and I plan on rejoining the gym so I can mix up my workouts. Just like rotating food, it is important to rotate workouts. The things that I have learned the most would be how clean eating makes me feel. If there was a way to describe how my insides feel clean, I would try to explain. I just feel good. The overall bloating is gone. I hope that my story has been an inspiration and will lead to others success.