26.4 lbs, 1 round

I was diagnosed with an eating disorder about 20 years ago. Every day is a struggle with food. My weight has gone up and down most of my life. For the first time that I can remember, I am actually happy with who I am. While I still struggle with my relationship with food, this program has given me a 30 day start into becoming someone that I have never been before. I have never gone 30 days without binge eating… that is the biggest accomplishment I will take away from this program.

It has given me a new mindset when it comes to food. Every part of my body has shrunk multiple sizes. I can breathe easier, I sleep better, I have more energy in my day, and I can tell that I am so much healthier than I was a month ago. I absolutely loved the energy I gained in week two. And the weight just kept coming off!!! This diet has been life changing for me.