103 lbs, 4 rounds, Ultimate System

This program offered me a way out and I took it. I jumped in with both feet and gave it 100% of everything I had and within 18 months I lost 103 pounds, I went from 250 to 147, from size 24 to size 10, from crying every day to absolutely loving my life! I was not an overweight child, I played every sport I could and enjoyed being outside and active more than anything. As a young adult I struggled with weight gain off and on due to child birth but I never had a problem losing it once I put my mind to it, these results didn’t come as easy as I got older.

During my mid thirty’s I gained just over 100 pounds due to stress and depression. I was absolutely miserable…… Then one day I learned about SlimMe1 and my life changed. This is an amazing program and if done correctly you can lose that weight and keep it off. My weight loss program ended in October of 2010, I maintained that weight for over a year and a half. These past few months have been really rough with being laid off and losing my mother, on the upside I started college, add all this together and it equals 20 pounds….. I plan to spend the next few months working out but believe you me; if any weight remains I will be starting another session of SlimMe1.

God Bless & Good Luck,