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Amy Ryan did the diet and completely transformed!

You may not be able to relate to Amy's story.  You may only have a 10-25 pounds to lose.  But if you have a lot to lose, Amy's story is really awesome and shows what can be done with detemrination.  Amy had over 100 pounds to lose and she's accomplished her goal.   How would you like to go from hiding behind people or avoiding pcitures to enjoying having someone take your picture?    The picture on the left and the middle pictures are Amy's before pictures.  The others are the Transformed Amy.  

You can have this kind of experience!  What would it mean in your life to change in this way?  Or even just take off a few pounds?  Would it make a difference in your confidence? What health benefits would you have? 


amy-ryan-2011-before-diets-300x147.jpg  amy-ryan-2012-04-25-300x155-after-diets-01.jpgamy-ryan-2012-04-25-300x170-after-diets-02.jpg


Michelle did the diet in March of 2010...

Quick Weight Loss - 25 Pounds & 21 inches! Size 14 to 7/8.   She repeated the diet to lose some more pounds.  

Michelle Taylor provides an update on her weight loss story. Down 25 pounds in 30 days. Frustrated about weight loss until doing the YP10 diet plan from SlimMe1. It's easy 100% natural, no gluten, no stimulants. Easy to do. You cook your own food, follow the plan and learn how to keep it off.



Eric & Stephanie - Husband & Wife - Share their story about being on the diet



Owner Kevin Talks About Other Supplements that can assist on the Diet



 Others who have lost weight on the diet:

Julie - Lost 35 pounds in 2 sessions!

 Julie_lost_35_in_2-26d_before.jpg Julie_lost_35_in_2-26d_after.jpg


Kevin & Becky - Lost 15 and 25 Pounds!

 KevBecky_Before.jpg   KevBecky_After.jpg


Craig lost 39 Pounds in 38 Days!

Craig said his health was at an all time low when he did the diet.  By losign the weight, he was able to walk to the park (1/2 mile) without being short of breath.  His doctor had asked him if he was having twins.  Now that might have seemed rude, but it was a really good thing.  It drove the point home really well! 

 craig-anita-aug-2002-265-lbs.jpg  craig2.jpg


 Karen lost 25 Pounds in two sessions

 Karen_lost_25_in_2-26_day_before.jpg  Karen_lost_25_in_2-26_day_after.jpg


Becky From Maine Loses 34 Pounds


 img-1273-start-of-yp10.gif  img-1307-after-yp10.gif


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