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Whole Food Supplements : Are They Better Than Synthetic Supplements?

With almost all supplements being synthetic, and a seemingly universal belief that synthetic vitamins are the same as whole food supplements, it's no wonder that people may be confused about what supplements and vitamins are the best for their bodies. According to statistics shown on the website of the CDC, just within the last 10 years, over 50% of all Americans are using dietary supplements.  With such little education about the prevalent use of synthetic vitamins referred to as "natural," it's no doubt that the majority are using the cheaper and less effective synthetic supplements.

SlimMe1 agrees with you!  Use natural whole food supplements from SlimMe1 for best results.  Turn down the cheaper mass produced synthetic supplements that come from chemical reactions because science has never been able to fully recreate the complex and complete compound that is a natural vitamin. 

Which would you rather be taking? Supplements rich in enzymes and whole foods?