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YP10 has unique charactericstics using a vibrational base of organic trace minerals and botanicals in a vegetable glycerin base for optimal delivery.

Our YP10 drops are made with vibrational technology. Science has uncovered a key to health known as Vibrational Frequency Technology. Scientists have established that all life vibrates at a particular frequency on the subatomic level. Higher frequencies are associated with good health, and lower frequencies with poor health.

Our YP10 liquid formula has been charged using positive currents by imprinting vibrational signature of a proprietary blend of ingredients that have been found to be a very effective component for weight loss based on decades of clinical research. These characteristics are delivered in an all natural vegetable glycerin base.

YP10 does not contain any of the following list of ingredients however it does utilize the energetic characteristics of each through the process called vibrational technology: Hoodia Cactus, Guarana Seed, GymnemaLea, Kelp Thallus, Bladderwrack Thallus, Fennel Seed Gravel Root, Black Walnut Hull, Uva- Ursi Leaf and Senna Leaf.

The great thing about vibrational signatures versus consuming the actual ingredient is that you get all of the benefits of these powerful botanicals WITHOUT ANY of the side effects that a very small number of people may experience. Our YP10 product should not be confused with Homeopathic drops as they are different

To read the list of approved ingredients to be used during the YP10 System please click here

We recommend taking our health questionnaire to be able to recommend the right YP10 System for you. This questionnaire will allow us to know you better and your health condition. Please note that will be redirected to your Facebook Messenger. Please click here for the questionnaire and receive 15% off.

For the rapid weight loss of 15-30 pounds in 30 days, you can buy the Basic YP10 Weight Loss System. The other weight loss packages are available and helpful if you want to work on weight loss and other health concerns at the same time.

Each YP10 Weight Loss System comes with:

Program guide(includes recipes for fat burn and maintenance, daily journal and instructions) Ability to sign up for the daily support emails 30 days of YP10 Weight Loss drops

*You will need to purchase the allowed food, and prepare it as instructed in the Program Guide.

Congratulations on your previous success!! It can be very exciting to consider starting the YP10 System again especially since you already know what to expect. As an added BONUS, returning customers may also receive special discounted pricing. Just call or email our support staff for the details! We're excited to work with you again!!

*Remember, before you start the program again YOU MUST complete the full 6 weeks of Step 4: Maintenance to ensure long-term stabilization.

a. Be committed. Tell your friends and family about your weight loss goals so that they can support you as well!

b. Read the weight loss manual! Know what to do before you do it! Record your weight daily and write in your journal what you are eating and how you feel. Be honest!

c. Only eat the foods on the diet and rotate the foods you eat so you can have the best possible balance.

d. Get Involved! Talk with people that are doing the diet on our Facebook page, ask questions and get advice!

e. When you take the YP10 drops, it's important to look in the mirror to watch the drops fall under your tongue. You can't really count the drops by feeling. If you try to, you'll run out of drops about 1/2 way through the plan. You can also take the drops by getting a 1 ml needle less (no needles) syringe from your pharmacy. Most pharmacies will give it to you free or it may cost a dollar for a couple of them. You measure off 0.45 ml (10 drops) it's about 1/2 the syringe. This allows you to take the drops without having to have a mirror handy.

f. Sign-up for your daily support emails. We have a superb e-mail program that shares tips in more detail. They are timed for when you'll likely need that tip.

g. If you have questions ASK! You have multiple ways to contact us. We're a company committed to your weight loss success. Take advantage of our willingness to support you and provide answers:

The best way is via the facebook fan page

E-Mail us a question at

Call our support line: 1-877-754-6631 9am - 4pm MST

h. Remember to have fun with this. It really is a super easy weight loss system and you'll be amazed at the results once you follow the program.

i. Share your success with others. Challenge them to lose some weight. Sharing is easy because as you lose weight, people will ask you about it. Tell them your story and how much you've lost.

We have many SlimMe1 certified coaches available for you to help. You can reach them by calling us at 1-877-754-6631 , email us at, or ask question in our Private Support Group. * You will receive an invitation to the group once you place your order.

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