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YP10 Weight Loss Detox Basic System


Product Description

YP10 Basic Package

Amazing results are achieved by using the YP10 Liquid Formula and following the detailed instructions included in the YP10 System Guide. It’s very simple to follow and experience results!   Simply take the YP10 Drops daily and follow the meal plan included in the Program Guide.  Get excited as the pounds melt off!  No exercise is necessary.  With this program, you’ll enjoy fresh foods you can purchase at any grocery store!

YP10 Basic Package Includes:

  • YP10 Weight Loss & Detoxification System

      • YP10 Liquid Formula
      • YP10 System Guide
          • Full Color Detailed Program Instructions
          • 2 Full Color Cook books
          • Success Daily Tracking Journal
  • Daily Email Support
  • Trained Support Team Members available



The YP10 Weight Loss and Detoxification System comes complete with 30 days of YP10 Vibrational Liquid formula and our comprehensive detailed YP10 Program Guide Book.  We highly recommend our whole food nutritional supplements especially during the 30 Days of fat burning.  This specific package includes the Power Pack Supplement Pack as explained.

The YP10 System is 30 Days of Fat Burning and 6 weeks of Maintenance to help you keep your new weight!  All of this is outlined in the YP10 System Guide.  By following the YP10 System, not only will you lose weight quickly and dramatically, you'll train your body to keep the weight off long term.  

The instructions are easy to read and it takes about 1/2 hour of reading to understand what you need to do. You’ll be dropping weight the very first week!

We offer amazing support to each of our customers.  Daily email support has been designed to follow you each step of the way.  Personal coaches are also available if you choose.  Call or email us for more information.  1-877-754-6631 OR



YP10 Program Outline:




30 Days of Fat Burn

  • Take the YP10 Liquid Formula for 30 Days
  • Follow the Specific Reduced Calorie YP10 Menu
  • Track Your Success in Provided Journal
  • Use the Recommended Nutritional Supplements
  • Enjoy the included Fat Burn Cookbook if Desired


6 Weeks of Maintenance to  Stabilize Your NEW LOWER WEIGHT

  • Follow The Outlined YP10 Maintenance Plan
  • Continue Nutritional Supplements
  • Enjoy The YP10 Maintenance Cookbook If Desired
  • Continue Tracking Your Success In Provided Journal





YP10 Specialized Meal Plan


During the 30 Days of Fat Burn you must follow the provided meal plan.  The meal plan is very specific and must be followed exactly if you expect to experience dramatic results. You can prepare your meals simply OR use the Fat Burning Cookbook provided as part of the complete YP10 Advanced Detox and Weight Loss System to create delicious meals using the list of allowed foods during the 30 Day Fat Burning portion.  After the first 30 Days, you will be instructed how to adjust back into eating all your favorite foods while maintaining your new lower weight!


The Meal Plan consists of specific Lean Proteins, Fresh fruits, and Vegetables, as listed below:

The Meal Plan consists of specific Lean Proteins, Fresh fruits, and Vegetables, as listed below:


Chicken Breast, 93% lean Beef, Venison, Buffalo, Veal, Lobster, Crab, Shrimp, Fresh White Fish, Tilapia, Haddock, Sea Bass, Pollack, Sole, Halibut, Flounder

*Vegetarian alternatives provided


Lettuce, Tomatoes, Radishes, Onions, Cucumber, Asparagus, Cabbage, Spinach, Chicory, Chard, Beet Greens, Celery



Apples, Oranges, Grapefruit, Strawberries


Need more information? Feel free to call us anytime!  We are here to help you understand this system better!  877-SlimMe1  877-754-6631






Product Videos

Quick Weight Loss - 25 Pounds & 21 inches! Size 14 to 7/8. 00:45 I went for this rapid and quick weight loss program. It is very effective. I lost 25 pounds in 40 days and bought a bikini for the first time in 5 years. I feel great. Join me and the hundreds of others that are doing this easy to follow, weight loss plan for women and men. It really works!

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  1. good product

    Posted by veer on 02-04-2019 0722


  2. Loved it

    Posted by Julie Ziebell on 08-09-2016 1045

    Loved it, can't wait to start another round. The inches that came off was way more impressive then the number on the scale.

  3. I'm very pleased

    Posted by Staci H. on 08-09-2016 1042

    I know that 12.2 does not sound like much. However, this is my second time on the program. The first time I lost 17 pounds and stuck with the program to a T. I kept the weight off through the holidays and then after the first of the year got a bit lazy and started seeing the pounds creep back up a bit. I was about 5 pounds over where I left off the first go around. I decided to go for a second round and wanted to lose the 5 plus maybe 5 more. My concern was that I would lose it too fast, before the 30 days was over. However, that was not the case as I was not as committed to 100% compliance as before. I am now about 3 pounds less than I was after the first time through which is about where my body seems to be happy. I have been less before, but have had a difficult time staying there. I am currently 129 pounds. My initial goal this time was 125 so I am not unhappy with my end result. I am going to continue trying to drop a little more, but am more concerned with toning up to be more fit. I know that the YP10 program works! It is very fulfilling to see the scale move down daily. I am convinced that if I would have been more diligent, I would have gotten to the 125 mark. I am still very pleased.....

  4. 40 LBS LOST

    Posted by Kathy Bergeron on 08-08-2016 1029

    It has been amazing and excited to continue onto maintenance. I am down 40 from last year.....Review submitted directly to slimme1

  5. Recommended!!1

    Posted by Jill Austin on 08-08-2016 1026

    It was wonderful. I would recommend it to anyone needed to lose weight. I'm just hoping the Maintenance step goes as easy...... Review submitted directly to slimme1

  6. Recipes were delicious!

    Posted by Teresa on 08-08-2016 1023

    Generally very positive. Recipes were delicious. Daily emails encouraging. And questions were answered within 24 hours...... Review submitted directly to slimme1

  7. It works

    Posted by Barb on 04-01-2014 0843

    This is the best product out there. I lost 23 lbs and 30 inches in 30 days and feel amazing. It teaches you how to eat healthy and portion control. I'm not gonna lie its hard at first but once you see the weight going down and the inches melting off you its all worth it and for this to be done in 30 days is amazing!! So if I were you I would buy this product.

  8. keith on my 3rd day

    Posted by keith on 09-05-2013 1658

    Well i did the first step which is loading gain 5 lbs then started step 2 I lost 9lbs by day 2 the third day didnot lose anything but it feels like it is working i am it really teaches you a lot your not just buying the product your buying knowledge well put together

  9. It works better than promised!

    Posted by Chris Geoffrion on 08-21-2013 1230

    This product and the plan worked better than advertised!

    I was sceptical, and never really dieted seriously other than weight watchers. A very slow process, that I ended up putting the weight back on in a relitively short amount of time. But some friends at work had some dramatic weight loss, and I found out it was the YP10 system that they credited for their success.

    I started the program, and was sceptical with the loading proceess as it seemed counter intuitive, but decided to go by the program exactly as written. I was all in!

    I was amazed at how quickly I lost the weight, and how easy it was to stay on the program. The hardest part, at the begining for me, was not the lack of food, the drops worked, I wasn't hungry. It was the caffine, I have been drinking coffee for decades and had a pretty good headache the first couple of days. But it was worth the effort.

    My results. In 30 days I lost 42 pounds! In addition, the program calls for maintaining the weight. I loss an additional 10 pounds while on the maintenance program.

    My maintenance was ended on July 3, 2013. Today, August 21, 2013 I have maintained the total 52 pound weight loss. I am biking 10 miles to work daily. I am playing softball weekly and tennis. From a size 42 pants to 38, XXL shirts to Large. Best of all is feeling the best I have felt in decades!!

    I never felt better. I started at over 290 pounds and I am definetly going to go back through the program again for a second round.

    My plans are to start round 2 in September. I will post again, and let you know the details.

    Be prepared to have a life changing experience, and go for it! You will be glad you did.

  10. Best weight loss I have ever tried and will continue to use.

    Posted by Karen Libby on 08-14-2013 0436

    I have done this 30 day weight loss a few times and after this round and maintenance the next time I go on it I should be down to my weight. I have done every diet out there but nothing that gives this result and has you eating very healthy. It truely is inspirational especially when it was first recommended to me. I was at a low point in my life and my friend was so excited about it I tried it and had excellent results. You really have to be i the correct mind set meaning you have to be mentally prepared to stick it out and you will see results. I will always recommend this to all my friends.

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